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If here, you’ve probably made a horrible mistake in choosing websites. You probably meant to be reading some other guys rants and raves as he discusses life issues, games and gaming, and the finer points of Highland Scotch. You probably meant to find one of the other countless bloggers that are currently being more amusing or poignant.  Or you meant to find boobs…maybe that’s what you meant to do.

In any case, you’re in the wrong place. The rest of the internet is just down that hallway on your left.



I never really played video games as a kid. I didn’t get my first console system (PS1) until I was 24 and I didn’t do computer gaming until I was my early 30’s. Since then, I’ve fully embraced my inner nerd. I game and  I enjoy painting miniatures (and I’m just starting to get into anime).  I am married with 4 great kids, so most of my hobbies have to wait until after they all head to bed. During the times in my life when I’ve had to adult; I’ve had jobs that range from pizza maker, to construction, to firefighting, to retail manager, to my current job as a freelance web developer. I believe that each job has brought me closer to whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing with this life and I have tried to enjoy and learn from them.

So now I’m trying to add “professional streamer” to my list and this website serves as an adjunct to my streaming. I have always enjoyed writing and I will do so here to further the conversations we have during my streams. I hope you enjoy this hot mess.