It’s been two weeks. Last week was horrible in terms of trying to monitor my intake. My wife, my son and myself all had birthdays last week. It was a gastronomical minefield. Cake and ice cream and birthday dinners all over the place!! It was a nightmare. 

But I did it!!

I woke this morning kind of dreading the weight-in. After the last few days of sushi (my birthday dinner), pizza (the boy’s birthday dinner), a gourmet meal that I did on the FIRST “Pappa Cooks” episode (Mama’s Birthday dinner), AND football game-day (#gopackgo) snacks and whatnot I was sure that the scale would reflect all that and I would face this week no lighter (and possibly heavier) than I had been.

So I dragged myself out of bed this morning and stepped up the scale. I felt heavy. I wanted to skip my weigh-in today, but I didn’t:

So…it seems that I’m doing something right. I think, if there’s interest, I’ll do a brief overview of my dieting techniques in a future Fat Guy In a Little Coat (FGIaLC) update, but I did want to say something about my current weight loss.

Anyone can lose 10 pounds in  two weeks or a month. Anyone. Honestly, if you just up your water consumption the first ten pounds will come off like nothing.  That’s why with all these “miracle diet/pills/programs”, they ALWAYS tell you to make sure you’re getting 8-10 glasses of water a day.  From what I understand, when the body feels it’s in jeopardy of dehydration it stores water (smart thing, this body of ours) and the average person just doesn’t intake enough water daily to assuage our body’s fears of dying in a desert. And fat people compound the problem by drinking almost ANYTHING other than water.  Coffee is not water. Soda is not water. Juice is not water. Half-fat, low-cal, no-flavor coconut water is not water! That’s not to speak ill of those things. In my opinion an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle on a hot summer day is one of the closest things to nirvana you can obtain on this planet (OMG so good!!). So I’m not trying to tear anything or any product down, it just is what it is.

Your body needs water. If you give it enough water, it will stop thinking that it’s about to turn into dust and stop storing extra water. One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds and there are 16 cups to a gallon. So if you drink 1/2 a gallon a day for a week or two, your body will no longer feel the need to hang on to EIGHT POUNDS of water. Viola, ten pounds of weight loss. These facts are partly why I am not doing cartwheels on my weight loss just yet. When I get to 20 lbs, THAT will be REAL weight-loss.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

PS…if this post/series/journey is in anyway helpful or encouraging to you, it would mean a lot to me to hear from you. Even just a thumbs-up emoji. Accountability is the key and it helps to know that people are there and watching, keeping me accountable.


~Pappa B.


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