FIRST OFF…let me say “Thank you very much” for supporting my stream. It means a lot to me that you would not only show love by showing up and watching the stream, but also by choosing to put your hard-earned money into the mix as well. I know you have a lot of choices and I am honored you have chosen me. Seriously, thank you.

SECONDLY…I just want you to understand that this is my livelihood and that your donation or sub will not only be used to maintain the stream (Things like the food I cook, the things I build/craft, and the gear I use all cost money to obtain/maintain/upgrade.) but also to keep the lights and heat on and gas in my tank. I hope to bring a level of entertainment and (where applicable) a level of knowledge that I can pass on to make your day enjoyable. I work hard at this and I really appreciate you acknowledging that through your time and fiscal support. Again…seriously, thank you!

That all being said, I’d like to take a minute to explain the ways supporting the channel works. Many people do not know the in’s and out’s of how a streamer actually gets paid and I believe that people should be informed as possible so they understand where the money (or time) they are donating goes to. This is NOT to say that any one method of support is better than any other. At the end of the day, I’m just grateful that you choose to support me however that ends up working…THANK YOU.


These are truly some of the best ways to support the stream and they don’t cost a thing.
#1) Watch. Easy, right? Just BE in my stream when I’m streaming. It means a ton in terms of eventually getting partnership. Every set of eyeballs is great.
#2) Chat. If you want, say something, keep the conversation going. It is really helpful to a streamer to know that what they’re doing is interesting enough to comment on and frankly I like getting to know the people of the Bearded Family. So say hi.
#3) Follow on the social media and like, subscribe, or retweet. Helping to get the word out is a really great way to help support what I’m doing and I really appreciate it. I have the twitter machine, the instagram machine and the facebook machine (though I don’t use that last very much).


Assuming you’re reading this, you’ve made the decision to support me through a monetary donation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The following are short-term or one-off ways that you can support the stream:
#1) A donation through Streamlabs is great. The system actually works pretty much exclusively through PayPal  and they take a cut that ranges anywhere from 8-30%. I’m not sure what triggers the percentage, I just know that I’ve received donations of a dollar and only gotten $.68 and I’ve received donations of $20 and gotten $19.12.

#2) The Twitch system of “bits” are great for streamers because they literally come to the streamer at full value. If you donate 100 bits, I’m getting 1 dollar. End of story. The difference (from say, a Streamlabs donation) is that you are going to pay (at current rates) $1.40 for that one dollar.

#3) Buying things from my online store is really great. It not only helps support, but it’s a great ego boost to know that I made something that others are willing to pay for. THANK YOU!

If you would like to support the stream in other ways, I have partnered with the following outfits and get a small percentage of the sales you make through these companies. Please, get your consumerism on and click on the links below and help out an old streamer.

Steel Series is great and I’m not just a shill for them, I’m also…a client. I use their:

  • Arctis 7 wireless headset
  • Apex M500 keyboard
  • and the Rival 300 gaming mouse

They are seriously great products and solidly made. I genuinely would not recommend them unless I liked them.

Greenman gaming is a solid little discount gaming site and they’ve recently changed their operations. You used to have to enter a code in order to get the discount, now you can just click on the link and get instant savings. Pretty great, eh?

Thank you for your consideration.